Azar Pars Machinery Company

Azar Pars Machinery (Alizadeh) has about 30 years of experience in the field of construction, design, production of civil machinery, road construction and mineral machinery industries in a mechanized way, using modern science and technology and the latest developments of the world’s major industrial countries, and with upgrading Giving, initiative and innovation in this industry and with technical personnel and engineers specialized in this field, Eftekhardard announces its readiness to cooperate in the relevant fields:

1. Construction of about 260 asphalt plants with different capacities in different parts of the country and foreign countries, especially neighboring countries

2. Construction of a full line of fully automatic asphalt factory in different capacities

3. Complete line of sand and sand granulation (sand washing factory)

4. Full batching plant line in different dry and wet capacities (concrete central station)

5. Complete cement plant line 300 tons per day

6. Complete line of plaster factory with capacities of 300 tons to 1000 tons per day

7. The complete line of Izogam factory in different capacities

8. Material transfer system through cable car and cargo wagons for kilometers, all kinds of conveyors, conveyors, screws, elevators (for cement factories, plaster and various mines, etc.)

9. Types of mixers (drum mixers, pan mixers, one-shaft and twin-shaft mixers, horizontal mixers, spiral mixers, etc.)

(for wet, dry mortar and light concrete materials, etc.)