What are the types of conveyors

Conveyor system is a fast and efficient mechanical device for automatic transfer of loads, goods, products and materials in a factory. This transmission system reduces human errors, workplace hazards, labor costs and other risks.

Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems are useful for moving bulky or heavy loads from one point to another. A conveyor system may use conveyor belts, wheels, rollers or chains (plastic or steel or steel) to transport products.

The companies and factories that produce transmission systems (conveyor belt) must be equipped with some machines and tools, so that the mechanism of the card can be done easily and with maximum quality by skilled people and experienced personnel.

We must be equipped with some lathes, CNC, milling machines, all kinds of drills, welding motors, guillotines, benders and other machines in order to improve the quality of production machines by 100%. We can!

What is a conveyor belt?

The name Conveyor Belt is completely unknown to many people and has no meaning to most people. However, when we tell people what a conveyor belt is, instead of a conveyor belt, people immediately think of an image of a factory and one of the typical belt system conveyors that move products mechanically.

Conveyor application

There are different types of conveyor belts, known as belt systems, which are used by people to carry raw materials waiting to be processed in places such as factories, slaughterhouses, stores, and assembly plants.

What is a conveyor belt system and how do they work?

Conveyor systems, often called belt conveyors, work by using two drums or balls that continuously loop over the material being spun. This is done by an unlimited process of hook, gears, motor and gearbox and wide rubber belt. The belt is then supported by a series of rollers along the track. Rollers in the center of the device prevent it from being carried in a compartment, while it is being carried once.

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Can conveyors work in all directions?

Vertical conveyors and other types of conveyor systems can move a wide variety of goods and products in a multidirectional pattern. They are usually equipped with a cargo carrier and drive chain.

Conveyor systems are used in which industries?

Conveyor systems are not only found in industrial production sites but are commonly found and used in stores and food industries. This system removes items of food from the end of the inspection line to where it has been placed.

Chain conveyor

It is a type of conveyor belt that is produced in different forms. It has a special efficiency in different industries.

1- Chain conveyors

2- Chain conveyor for carrying pallets

3- Drag chain conveyor for transporting bulk and agricultural materials

4- Mesh chain conveyor for transporting food products and drying and cooling other products

Roller conveyor or roller conveyor

A roller conveyor is a type of conveyor. It is used to transport packed or unpacked materials. Roller conveyors in various industries including:

Household appliance industry

Cardboard and printing industries

steel Industries

Packaging Industry

Belt conveyors

These conveyors are widely known and used in most industries that have the ability to transport products from packaged and unpackaged materials to bulk materials, bags and cartons, and for almost any type of load, conveyors Specially designed and produced. The only difference of this conveyor belt is in the design and construction of the chassis of the devices and the belt used.

Steel or plastic chain conveyors are sheathed together:

Steel or plastic link chains are mesh belts that are used to dry or cool many products.

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Slot conveyor technology

Slat conveyors are a type of transfer technology that uses chains and slat sheets to transfer the product from one end to the other end of the conveyor. This chain is driven by a motor. The working mechanism is exactly like belt conveyors. The main difference is that, in this type of conveyor, instead of a rubber belt, slats connected to a chain are used. It is very effective and suitable for transferring heavy and hot materials and goods.

As a result, we will have a completely smooth and flat surface in the entire conveyor belt transfer process.

The use of flex conveyors

These special conveyors are conveyors that allow flexible unloading of boxed products with an open and closed system, such as scissors made of plastic or steel pipes and sometimes of rollers.

Conveyor assembly

Assembly conveyors are one of the most efficient and practical machines used in the assembly and preparation of parts and goods industries. The assembly conveyor is used in the electronics industry, telecommunications and communication, mobile phones and tablets, lamps, shoes, auto parts and other industries.

Conveyor apron

The apron conveyor is a type of conveyor made of apron plates. The plates are connected from below. and thus provide a continuous transport surface. which can be easily used to transfer materials. By using this conveyor to transport different materials from one place to another, it is used in several industries that play a vital role. Conveyor apron used to transport a number of materials in several stages of production. Especially for the transportation of bulky materials

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