Size and size of stone crushers

A stone crusher is called a device. It does not need a foundation for crushing, and it is possible to move the crushed materials easily and in minimum time.

What does a stone crusher include?

The primary crusher machine is a feeder with a silo, a jaw crusher and a serand sieve, and a secondary conical crusher with one device. Sand washer and all material conveyor belts and electrical panel and electrical cables are all installed in one chassis.

General dimensions of the stone crusher

The general dimensions of the jaw crusher are as follows. The approximate length of the large jaw crusher during operation is about 17 meters, width is 8 meters, and height is less than 3 meters. It is installed on a land of about 150 square meters. During transportation, all devices are transported in a truck container. If similar devices need at least 2000 meters of land and are transported with 5 containers.

Features of large crusher

The large jaw crusher does not need a concrete foundation.
The machine does not need a big loader and can be operated with a mini loader or tractor.
A large jaw crusher does not need a large power generator. It works with only 65 kW and therefore the fuel consumption is a quarter of similar devices.
The resistance of the machines of the large jaw stone crusher is designed for the hardest type of stone.
Due to the special type of stone crusher, this device works with the least dust and pollution compared to similar samples. For this reason, it can be easily used near residential areas.

Good quality stone crusher Asia machine

Many factories are engaged in the production of stone crushers. which are often among the most famous and reliable names in the industry of manufacturing machinery and stone crushers. The production of all kinds of stone crushers with good power and quality in the stone crusher factory of Asia Machine is due to the increasing progress. make significant progress.

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One of the main criteria for the production of Asia Machine stone crusher is the production of stone crushers with good power and quality. They include in all their products. The effort is to make this strength and quality increase day by day and move forward with great strength.

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