.This type of stone crusher has a simple mechanical system and produces the best quality and shape of crushed materials
The operation of each hammer in several stages of speed, ease of changing hammers, high efficiency, protection of bearings against dust, the presence of an inspection valve for service and repair, and the adjustable opening between hammers and anvils are among the features of the production crushers of this collection
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Sand washing snail

The sand washers manufactured by this unit are manufactured and produced in a variety of ways with different dimensions, easy efficiency and low depreciation according to the customer’s order, which are used to separate sand from mud and its shoes are replaceable and rubber
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Granulation method

The sanders of this collection are designed in different capacities and dimensions using modern technology for the granulation of all kinds of sand, which have safety feet with the ability to change the net very easily
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Production feeders with the best efficiency are made in different models, different dimensions and different capacities. All surfaces are covered with anti-wear steel sheets and designed for heavy loads and in tough working conditions. It is possible to use internal combustion engines instead of electric motors and the amount of movement of the tray can be adjusted
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Conveyor belt

Conveyors are supplied with tubular chassis, studs or bent sheet. Conveyors are equipped with Russian or Iranian gearboxes (SN), which are available in fixed and movable sizes in different sizes

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