What is an asphalt plan

What is an asphalt plant?

Asphalt plants are equipment designed to produce hot mix asphalt. To produce asphalt concrete (hot mix asphalt), granular materials, bitumen and filler materials are used.
The main feature of an asphalt plant is to mix them with bitumen and other fillers to heat the aggregate and then prepare hot mix asphalt. These aggregates, bitumen and fillers are mixed in a specific ratio.

The asphalt plant consists of the main parts presented below:

Material silos
Conveyor belt
Turbojet drier burner
Factory Tower (Mix Tower)
Bitumen and fuel tanks
Hot oil system (oil heater)
Material and bitumen weighing system
Asphalt plant control system

Types of asphalt factories

Batch asphalt plant:

Batch asphalt plants are designed to produce high quality asphalt. In such factories, there is a sieve.
To prepare the ingredients according to the instructions, they are separated by a sieve according to their size. In a batch-type asphalt plant, all products (aggregate, bitumen, fillers) are weighed exactly according to the instructions provided on their scales and mixed in a mixer for 40-50 seconds before being added to the mix.

Mixed type asphalt plant (continuous):

Continuous type asphalt plants are designed for easy maintenance and fast production. Screening and weighing scales do not exist in this type of factory. Additionally, the mixing is done either in a dryer or in a continuous mixer.

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